This is what Gustavo Pietro said in what he called “The Address”; He didn’t explain anything about Petrovus.

Four days before the presidential election, he surprised presidential candidate Gustavo Petro with a new “rhetoric,” a term he uses to speak to his supporters.

The leftist leader gave a word of thanks to the Colombians who, he said, will support him at the polls next Sunday.

The leftist candidate made clear some of the controversial points that his opponents blamed in the middle of his political campaign, and which could elicit support from him at the polls next Sunday.

“Rest assured that I will not seek re-election. I firmly believe that four years is enough to achieve great things and lay the foundations for the transformation of our country. I want my government to serve as a bridge for a new generation of leaders to take charge of the country in 2026 and we can continue to move forward” .

I declare that if he becomes the new president, he will never come to the government to seek personal revenge and will never use power to his advantage, “as others have hitherto done, but I will ensure justice for the country, not only with regard to past facts, but with every measure my government promotes.”

Petro also used the word austerity as part of his government’s strategy. My government will work tirelessly to overcome the economic and social crisis we are inheriting. And he promised that we would do it with austerity, with good policies, and without throwing more weight on the shoulders of the citizens who had so much.”

“This man speaking to you will respect the laws and our constitution and will not put himself above others. Listen well, this includes respect for the right to private property, and therefore I say it emphatically I have never, and will not, consider confiscating or undermining this right of anyone.” He confirmed.

He made it clear to the voters that his government would be a government that would fight corruption head-on. “As I have done in every position I have held, I will fight to root him out, from the institutions, from the streets, because he has done so much harm to us as a nation.”

Petro predicted in the letter that once his government is in place, he will form an independent international commission to investigate past corruption cases and bring justice. “I will build a large anti-corruption prosecutor’s office that has the ability to investigate cases in the judiciary and deal with them as crimes and not infractions,” he explained.

Immediately after that, he spoke of healing the state and trusting institutions again: “We will make it back to work for the people and not for a few politicians.”

During the five-minute video, The historic charter candidate fired a scorn at Rodolfo Hernandezpolitical rival.

“This Sunday, in a few days, we will have to choose between two paths. One, deceitful, takes us down the same dark and thorny path, of a weak democracy, the same difficult path of the majority that infringes our rights and that will be left as always. And another path proposes opening the windows for a new beginning. In it we recover our dignity, we all grow in it, progress and live better.”

He also turned to God as his main spiritual guide. “I believe in the will of God, who will know how to guide us to choose the right path, the path that favors all and not just a few. Because it is not God’s command that our country should be in a bad state, it is not God’s command that millions of Colombians suffer poverty and insecurity or that we lose faith in our country and ourselves,” he said.

He referred to his opponents whom he said he forgave, and called on them to put the country first above ideologies. “To those who still doubt, to those who preferred another option in the first round, I also invite you to join us in changing what’s wrong and contributing to a fresh start.”

Finally, Petro called on voters to support him at the polls this Sunday and rejected them with a spiritual wish. “God bless Colombia and every one of the Colombians,” he said.

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