They found a reason to arrest a driver accused of running over a man and driving his trunk through the windshield

Fajardo – Judge Joseph KnightThe Fajardo Court found, today, Wednesday, a reason for arrest against Julio Edwin Jimenez Rosarioaccused of running over Pedro Vazquez Robert In the early hours of Monday morning in the Rio Grande while he was allegedly drunk and driving fast.

Finance Sandra Cortez Jiménez has charged Rosario with failing to stop at the scene of a traffic accident, reckless or reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol and causing grievous bodily harm to 62-year-old Vásquez Robert.

The usher in charge of the investigation room indicated that the lawyer Ricardo Prietorepresentative of Rosario Jimenez, acquiesced to the decision of Judge Caballero. The initial hearing was scheduled for June 27.

Caballero put the bail at $60,000.And the Who lent him a private guarantor, and released because of him.

Prosecutors confirmed that Jimenez Rosario was driving on the PR-3 motorway when he ran over Vasquez Robert. The impact was so great that the 62-year-old’s body was dismembered and his torso trapped in the windshield and driver’s seat of Jimenez Rosario’s car. His legs were found on the road, where the initial collision occurred.

Jiménez Rosario continued his walk toward a residence in the Kuwait neighborhood, and when police office agents found him, they found Vazquez’s torso banged on the windshield with his head on the passenger seat.

In principle, the public ministry attempted to hold an indictment hearing on Tuesday, but Jimenez Rosario suffered health damage that forced the judge to call an ambulance. The accused remained in the district hospital until this morning, when he was released.

During the morning, Jimenez Rosario arrives at court to participate in a hearing of a gender violence case initiated by her ex-partner, Iluchka Marie Diaz FalconeOn February 2 of this year. However, the defendant again faced health problems and was taken to the hospital. The hearing was adjourned to 28 June. The judge extended, until the aforementioned date, the protection order that expired today.

Jiménez Rosario was released on bail during the investigation into the violence against women case. At the moment, it is not known if his release on bail will be affected by the case he is facing due to the death of Vasquez Robert.

Jiménez Rosario was treated in another hospital and released, so police officers arrived with the accused at the court’s criminal investigation room at 3:50 p.m. to continue the hearing on the death of Vázquez Robert.

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