The United States and Latin American countries reach an agreement on immigration

Over the past few days, heads of state and government of 15 countries from Latin America, Canada and the United States have gathered. The main goal is nothing but an agreement on safe migration and protection.

The countries participating in these meetings are Panama, Honduras, Jamaica, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Chile, Costa Rica, Peru, Haiti, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico, Belize and Argentina.

Everyone joined in their voices to reaffirm the will to promote regular, orderly, humane and safe migration. They have also raised their hands to encourage people to lead a dignified, productive and peaceful life.

To achieve this goal, the countries concerned have committed themselves to providing greater protection and ensuring the dignity of migrants. All of this transcends the situation of every person, including refugees, stateless persons and asylum seekers.

What does the Convention say about safe migration?

Hosting refugees and migrants is greatly appreciated along with their contributions to the development of the countries concerned.

In addition, various methods were explored. For example, promoting stability and providing assistance to communities of origin, transit and return destination.

They include health, education, financial inclusion, employment, basic human needs and employment, among other aspects. It is required that all vulnerable people, if we are talking about immigration, be able to work, have legal identity and public services to rebuild their lives.

Another agreement reached resulted in further efforts to reduce statelessness. Likewise, conditions in the country of origin will be improved and the level of respect for the person returning will be raised.

Other key aspects addressed were: preference for regular channels of migration, international protection and strengthening the humanitarian management of migration, to name a few. Finally, it was agreed to strengthen the coordinated emergency response.

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