The Senate agrees to reconsider the measure that leaves “La Credita” without effect for 45 days

Today, Tuesday, the Senate, in a new reconsideration, approved a measure that leaves the fuel tax, known as the crudeta, without effect for 45 days.

The long-awaited temporary exemption will be a tax of 16 cents on a gallon of gasoline and four cents on diesel.

Joint House Resolution 332 passed unanimously, by 25 votes in the Senate, correcting an error in the date of the legislation, which had already been signed by the Governor Peter Pierluisi.

The CEO announced this morning that he will sign the measure. “I’m going to sign it because time is short,” the CEO said. After participating in the World Investment Summit and investing in the Travel and Tourism Council.

According to the legislative process digital page, La Fortaleza twice returned the measure to the two legislatures, while the House and Senate approved it several times for reconsideration.

Originally, the procedure that was of the President of the Senate, Joseph Louis Dalmau (Senate Joint Resolution 240) was approved last March and ordered the Treasury Department to declare a temporary moratorium on the gasoline tax.

The legislation was signed off by the governor, but rejected by the Financial Supervisory Board (JSF), in a letter addressed to the Public Finance Agency and Financial Advisory Authority (AFAF). The federal agency indicated that the decision needs to be approved by law or is made before the collection of the special tax, and stipulated in a letter that until “this defect cannot be corrected, the tax should not and will not be suspended.” outlet.”

On May 9, the head of the chamber said Rafael “Tatito” Hernandez Montañezthe actor Jesus Santa Rodriguez And a spokesman for the new progressive minority, Carlos “Johnny” Mendes NunezThey introduced another measure, the Common Decision of Room 332.

The new legislation, approved May 10 in Chamber, states that, in lieu of May 1, the ASC has until May 31 to declare the payment of an extraordinary dividend of $50 million from the capital reserve accompanied by a special contribution of 50%.

Of that $50 million, a total of $25 million will go into the public account to offset the financial impact of the temporary suspension of Crudita.

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