The dollar today: When the currency falls on June 14, 2022 – the financial sector – the economy

After a strong recovery of about 104 pesos on Monday in the price of the dollar, spurred by strong expectations of a significant rate hike by the Federal Reserve of the United States and the proximity of the second round of elections from the Republican presidency, the currency is making a comeback this Tuesday.

According to the real-time information system of Banco de la República, the market opened with a noticeable downtrend on the morning of Tuesday, June 14, and in the first 20 minutes of operations the average price was 3,953.41 pesos.

This means that at the beginning of the negotiations, the dollar price recorded this Tuesday a decrease of 63.09 pesos compared to the official rate today, which is 4016.5 pesos.

The opening price was 3969.99 pesos, and 20.55 million dollars were traded in those first 20 minutes.

However, at around 11:12 AM, this rate of decline reversed and the coin recorded an average of 3,981.68 pesos, against a decline of 34.82 pesos, moderating the initially noticeable trend.

At that time, $910 million had already been negotiated.

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