The 10 Countries with the Cheapest Gasoline in the US

(CNN Spanish) – A gallon of gasoline continues to fetch a national average price of over $5, however, there are still about 30 states you can buy for less. On top of the cheapest Georgia.

As of June 14, a gallon of gasoline in Georgia is, on average, $4.49, according to American Automobile Association (AAA) numbers updated daily.

Chattooga County has the cheapest average price in the state: a gallon sells for $4.30.

The ten countries that have the cheapest gasoline

These are the 10 states where a gallon of regular gasoline is cheapest, according to AAA, with numbers rounded to two decimal places. As you can see, the difference between Georgia, the most expensive, and Kansas, the tenth cheapest, is less than twenty cents on average.

  1. Georgia: $4.49
  2. Mississippi: $4.53
  3. Arkansas: $4.54
  4. Louisiana: $4.56
  5. South Carolina: $4.60
  6. Alabama: $4.63
  7. TN: $4.64
  8. Oklahoma: $4.66
  9. North Carolina: $4.67
  10. KS: $4.67

At the other end of the list are California—where a gallon exceeds $6 a gallon—Nevada and Alaska, the three states with the most expensive gasoline at the moment, according to the organization.

A national analysis shows that the most convenient states are now mostly in the Southeast, while the more expensive gasoline is in the West.

If you’re planning a trip, AAA has a calculator that lets you know how much you’ll be spending on gasoline, based on the car’s origin, destination, and model. Comparing prices by state can help you if you plan to cross different regions and can choose the most convenient time to ship the vehicle.

How to save on gasoline

In addition to analyzing the cost of gasoline in different states, there are other tools to make the most of the money you spend on this item.

One option is to download apps like AAA Mobile, Gas Buddy, Gas Guru, Geico, and Waze, which may contain information on the cheapest gas stations.

When choosing a gas station, “it’s usually best not to use stations along the highway,” AAA public relations manager Ellen Edmonds advised recently in an interview with CNN Travel. These tend to be more expensive. because of the convenience.

If you’re running out of fuel and you’re in a high-priced area, stop but don’t fill up: you’ll want to pump enough gas to get safely to an area where the price is lower, but no more. Here, a guide with other tips to follow.

Where is the price of gasoline headed?

It hit $5 a gallon for the first time over the weekend. It is unlikely that the price increase will stop there. With the onset of the summer travel season and the interruption of Russian oil shipments due to the war in Ukraine, oil prices have skyrocketed on world markets.

The national average for gasoline in the United States could approach $6 by the end of this summer, according to Tom Kluza, global head of energy analysis at OPIS.

With information from Forrest Brown and Chris Isidore.

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