She searched for her missing boyfriend: I found him married with children

An American woman discovered that her last romance was a complete lie. This is Rachel Waters, who went viral with her disappointing post Date With whom he considered the love of his life.

Waters eventually moved to Shenzhen, China, for work. There she met Paul McGee, a man from the United Kingdom. She fell madly in love and began to be engaged for several months. However, when he told her he was traveling to Norwich, England to visit a relative, disaster began: he left but never came back.

Sad, because she doesn’t know anything about her boyfriend, she started following him on social media and reached out to a community group in Norwich. Fearing for her boyfriend’s health, she ran into this group of people and desperately asked for help. However, it was met with enormous disappointment.

“He has a wife and kids and I really feel sorry for her!” A community member responded. As it was, Rachel discovered that their entire relationship was a farce.

“Paul and his partner haven’t met each other for two years. They recently got back together and got back together. They broke up and had kids, but they thought: Let’s give ourselves another chance.” Via a friend of this guy.

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