Rodolfo Hernandez asks respect for the memory of his daughter Juliana Hernandez – Presidency – Election 2022

presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez This Wednesday he once again asked to “respect his daughter” Giuliana Hernandez Oliveros, who disappeared in 2004 and has become a recurring topic in the midst of the presidential campaign. The theme has been used by its critics.

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“Today, the disgraceful manipulation based on gossip and rumors in the face of my daughter’s disappearance has reached an unprecedented point.”Hernandez said in a public statement.

The candidate of the Anti-Corruption Governors League, on previous occasions, explained that his daughter’s citizenship card is still valid and she has property in her name, because her death has not been declared by any judicial authority.

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“In this sense, as long as the judiciary does not declare it, my daughter’s marital status will not change, which is why her citizenship card remains active, and the assets belonging to her continue to be registered in her name,” Hernandez said. . behind.

In recent weeks, some opponents of his presidential aspirations have exploited the issue of his daughter’s disappearance and gained traction after the publication of alleged information that confirmed that Hernandez Oliveros (daughter of Rodolfo Hernandez’s step-daughter) is still alive. The presidential candidate and his wife have strongly denied the allegations Oliveros Relief.

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“During this campaign, my wife, children and I have been revitalized. Now, the paranoia of a journalist obsessed with my destruction is once again opening this wound that was never able to heal. (…) I hope this will be the last time I have to make a statement on this matter,” added the presidential candidate.

Hernandez reiterated that his daughter’s body was never delivered by the armed group that would have kidnapped her and did not provide evidence of survival.

For her part, the wife of the former mayor of Bucaramanga announced Wednesday (June 15) through a statement They will begin the proceedings of the judge to announce the official death of Giuliana Hernandez Oliveros.

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“Tomorrow the dirty campaign will again seek to resonate among the good people. His own darkness will never be able to stand in the way of the light of truth,” said Oliveros, who disapproved of the “disrespectful” handling given to the question of his daughter’s disappearance.


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