Pedro Pierluisi signs “La Credita” suspension for 45 days

conservative Peter Pierluisi Signed this Tuesday noon the measure to freeze the tax on gasoline and “diesel oil” known as Crodita for a period of 45 days.

Minutes earlier, the Senate had unanimously approved Joint House Resolution 332, which corrected an error in the date of the legislation, which the president had already signed into law. In the morning hours, the country’s chief executive announced that he would sign the legislation as soon as it passed the legislature.

The long-awaited temporary exemption will be a tax of 16 cents on a gallon of gasoline and four cents on diesel.

specially, Estimates indicate that And theGasoline could hit $6 a gallon in Puerto Rico this summer. Which means you can pay about $1.59 per liter in the case of regular petrol.

“Through this measure, we seek to provide relief to people and the economic impact on our families in the face of the increase in fuel prices as a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine, among other factors,” Pierluisi said in written statements. the press.

According to the statement, starting tomorrow The ASC must declare an extraordinary dividend of $50 million from its capital reserve, which will be subject to a special 50 percent tax.

Therefore, ASC will transfer $25 million to the General Fund on or before June 30, which will be used to offset the collection loss caused by the temporary suspension of taxes on gasoline and diesel oil.

In the meantime, the Treasury will temporarily suspend, up to a maximum of $25 million, the addition to the initial selective tax that will apply to existing and available stock.

While the moratorium continues The Department of Consumer Affairs (DACO) will maintain an order prohibiting gross margin increases at all distribution and marketing levels in the sale of gasoline, LPG and diesel.

Likewise, the DACO and the Treasury must ensure that the reduction in the tax reaches the consumer and is reflected in the final price paid by the consumer.

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