Myriam German: “It is not possible to achieve justice here in the stands”

After warning that in the Dominican justice system it is not possible to act “in the administration of justice in the stands”, the public prosecutor, Myriam Germain Prieto, considered that the right thing to do was “to distance yourself from everything that shouts at you out there”.

He was specifically referring to the “parallelism” between the right to punish the state, and the rights of those accused of violating, in terms of their status as a person, one of the topics he addressed during his conference “The functions of a public ministry from a constitutional point of view”, at the ninth edition of Lex Unibe 2022.

Within the framework of this event, organized by the Unibe Ibero-American University, German Britto highlighted the importance of applying non-custodial measures to achieve a greater balance between the right of the state to punish and the individual rights of those who violate criminal law. …you can’t choose my favorite rascal and I will lower that, as the boys say, rascals,” said the prosecutor.

Germain Prieto noted that only by carefully practicing criminal procedures, and respecting safeguards, “is greater credibility ensured when results are presented”.

He argued that fighting crime is more than just prosecuting cases, it is an instrument that fulfills the “essential purposes of the social and democratic state of law”.

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Criminal Procedure Options

Germain Prieto emphasized that the criminal process is only one of the options available to the state to resolve disputes and “it is not necessarily the most effective means”.

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