“Lionel will support us,” says Margarita, hypothetically, to be in second place and if there is a second round.

Former Vice President of the Republic and candidate for the presidency of the Dominican Liberation Party, Margarita Cedeño, spoke in an interview on the Matinal program, on Telemicro, Channel 5, about the possible support of her ex-husband Lionel Fernandez in the elections of 2024; s Political advice by Gonzalo Castillothe former presidential candidate for the Purple Party.

“In the hypothetical case, we come in second and not win the first round I’m sure Lionel will support us He would gladly do so and would be proud to lead the first Dominican woman into government to direct the fate of this nation. Lionel is very pro-woman Now it’s time to prove it. After life has already given him so many chances at this opportunity, it is time to activate his career this time,” he said, but also assured that if the opposite happened, he would support him as well.

Mention it as a party They will be open to any alliance (in this case with Lionel and Forza del Pueblo) but this must be headed up by the PLD because he said, It is a party that has a structure in the country.

Cedeño was the First Lady in the Lionel Governments (2004-2008 and 2008-2012), and Vice President of the Republic between 2012-2020, during Danilo Medina’s terms. She is one of the contenders for the presidential ticket. for the Democratic Labor Party for the 2024 elections. Abel Martinez, the current mayor of Santiago, is also competing for this position; Francisco Dominguez Brito, Luis de Leon, Maritza Hernandez and Karen Ricardo.

In the past weeks, Cedeño held various meetings With political figures from the country, especially from the PLD, with whom he consulted on the situation in the Dominican Republic and the electoral political panorama at the national level.

Regarding her recent rapprochement with Gonzalo Castillo, she explained that he visited her to support her candidacy.

The most natural thing is that Gonzalo supports this candidacy Because we previously shared a ticket (for the 2020 elections),” said the former vice president of Matinal, which airs daily on Telemicro 5.

He also expressed that the former Minister of Public Works was a loyal and noble man, “not a traitor.”

“I always received your recommendations And all his wisdom in all this part of the election,” Sneedo said.

Yesterday Cedeño received a visit to his office from the former presidential candidate of his party, Gonzalo Castillo, and thanked him for his advice.

“I received a pleasant visit from my friend and colleague, a member of the Political Committee of the Democratic Liberation Party,” he wrote on his Twitter account. Share several photos with Castillo.

On the other hand, he expressed his candidacy that he had a great impact and is confident of his victory in the October 16, 2022 elections.

“This filtration has made such an impact, such beautiful euphoria, roots, and an organic and emotional bond so strong that it We can win in the first round. That’s how I feel on the street.”

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