Internet Explorer stops working forever

Mexico City. – After 27 years, a period in which it has become synonymous with web browsing, Internet Explorer (IE) will be discontinued today and will no longer be supported by Microsoft.

On Windows 10 PCs, Microsoft Edge will open if the user tries to access IE.

In the two decades since its release with Windows 95, the browser has been, in many ways, revolutionary and elegant.

After controlling 95 percent of the market in 2003, the browser gradually began to lose ground, and in 2012 it was overtaken by Google Chrome.

Even Microsoft realized that IE had lost the war when it launched Edge in 2015 and started encouraging users to switch to the new browser.

Chrome currently holds 66.16 percent of the desktop market, while Edge accounts for 10.12 percent and Safari 9.14 percent, according to StatCounter.

For the few users still using the old browser, Edge will offer “IE Compatibility Mode” until at least 2029, giving them the opportunity to continue using “legacy” apps or websites that don’t support the newer generations of browsers.

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