“Goddess of Death”: the expensive but deadly gift that Ukraine will receive

TV presenter Andrios Tabinas expected that the Lithuanian government and its citizens would collectively finance the purchase Four reconnaissance dronesValued at more than $725,000. will be sent to Ukraine in two months and They are known as “Magyla”, the Lithuanian goddess of death.

The real name of this drone is EOS C VTOL . Camera It is made in Estonia. It is a small aircraft created by Threod Systems that can take off and land like a drone. During the mission, it can continue to fly like any other aircraft. It has a maximum range of 120 km and a speed of 107 km / h.

It can also reach a height of 4500 meters, has low visibility and low noise level. The drone weighs only 14.2 kg and can carry 1 kg of payload. It measures just under two meters in height and is 0.45cm in height. It has an autonomy of about three hours.

This is the goddess of death: the drone that Ukraine will receive to fight the Russians

Its main goal is Recognition, which is equipped with Shark suspension with Full-HD long focus and infrared cameras. Lithuania has already purchased two C-VTOL EOS aircraft for sending to Ukraine, which are called “Magyla-1” and “Magyla-2”. This unmanned aerial vehicle is usually used to control artillery fire in war.

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