El Heraldo and his unfortunate comparison of Yalitza Aparicio with Ludwika Paleta

The Herald of Mexico published a note comparing the architecture of Yalitza Aparicio and Ludwika Paleta. They deleted it from their website and networks. Photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

Mexico Herald He commented in the last century, in that golden age where readers were not punished by disgust. Today, however, that has changed on some level and they can already see it up close. They are pictured for what they are: half without seriousness turn to the most profitable people to promote themselves as a very reputable digital newspaper.

Their advertising slogan gives them away. The newspaper that young people think about. This is how they ridiculously define themselves. He does not concede to them for their intentions, but for their hypocrisy. To what young audience does a comparison of a celebrity’s body seem reasonable? And worst of all, the Herald wasn’t enough for them by mere comparison, a fact that already had all the evidence to make it reprehensible. As if no one questioned their irresponsibility, they showed their racism by weighing the beauty of Ludwika Paletta over the beauty of Yalitza Aparicio.

“Ludwika Paleta shows off her hippie side in an Oaxacan huipil jacket and beats Yalitza Aparicio in beauty”. With their address they said it all. Who are they, and by what means, to prove that one person is more beautiful than another? What contribution does that have to the life of the average reader surfing the nets and stumbles across, by chance, a crazy remark that reflects everything that has always been wrong with journalism, before and now?

It is really strange to imagine how these ideas are made up. Although these types of posts are attributed to scholarship holders on networks, the truth is that no journalism student ever thinks of writing something of this sort, and if they think about it, they can’t help but receive a wave of immediate reprimand. The command is usually executed by some editor or by a group of editors. There’s no way to hide behind it: it wasn’t a mistake or an oversight, that’s their editorial streak. On this occasion, they have decided to delete their disastrous remark, but they are very clear about what they are looking for and it will take some time to get back into the fray.

Since this newspaper is back on the market, focusing exclusively on the digital world, they never get tired of recalling the most devious vices of dinosaur journalism. And perhaps they went further, as they confuse past and historical cynicism with current flick turnout, and disgust masquerading as the press. It is natural that you will find notes on your portal referring to the photos of some famous artists on Instagram. And as the easy click guide dictates, the address isn’t usually much different: “Ninel Conde turns on the net in a red bikini and it looks like a heart attack.” They are playing it safe and this royal title from three days ago proves it.

In the case of Yalitza and Ludwika, the formula turns out to be pretty simple when they think about it: You have to look for some ridiculous comparison that can elicit sarcastic reactions. Total, no one can claim us. The criteria they want to impose in their titles are very clear: glorify European whiteness. In March, they already posted a note in the same tone: “Yalitza Aparicio and Ludwika Paleta wear the same dress in a different style. Who looks better?”

As said above, the mere comparison is already synonymous with the easy click and a reflection of the disgust that sustains its contents, but at least on that occasion they didn’t make an outright judgment (as in yesterday’s note they claimed the right to say Paleta was prettier). But in the same way with their rhetorical questions they make clear where they want to go.

Since results are the norm in journalism, it wouldn’t be surprising that they will soon return to using morbidity, racism, and misogyny to attract clicks. They are specialists, no one doubts this, they boast about it internally. If they erase his note, it is not because of remorse, but because of cowardice, two completely different things. Hopefully soon the headlines will abound: El Heraldo and his ignorant remark they set the networks on fire. Pictures. It would be a good way to honor them.

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