COVID-19: Health reports 9 deaths and an increase to 377 in hospitals

The total number of patients staying in the hospital COVID-19 This Tuesday increased to 377which translates to 18 more patients than yesterday, Ministry of Health.

The total number in this row is divided into 321 adults and 56 minors. For a date like today, three months ago, there were only 40 adult patients in the hospital, according to the data portal.

In an afternoon update, the agency determined that of the 321 adults hospitalized today, 43 are in the intensive care unit (ICU) and 15 are on a ventilator. In addition, there is a pediatric patient who is confined to the intensive care unit and is also connected to a respirator.

on the other side, The virus positivity rate was recorded at 6:00 am at 31.96%., which translates to two percentage points less than yesterday. However, the number saw a slight rise at noon and came to 32.04%.

The total number of hospitalized patients has remained above 350 for several weeks and this pattern is consistent with the Community transmission rate of the virus to the red (high) level.

Island-wide, it is the cities of San Juan, Bayamon, and Caguas that report the highest community transmission rate.

Map showing the level of community transmission of COVID-19 in Puerto Rico, according to a June 14, 2022 report. (Ministry of Health)

On the other hand, the agency reported nine additional deaths from the virus, which brought the cumulative total in this streak to 4,449.

And the agency indicated, via a tweet, that three of the deceased were not vaccinated, and two received only two doses of the drug, while the other four received the full course of vaccination (including booster doses).

According to the agency, the dead were between 45 and 93 years old. The deaths occurred on June 5 and 13.

Demographics of reported deaths:

Demographics of COVID-19 deaths reported in the June 14, 2022 report.
Demographics of COVID-19 deaths reported in the June 14, 2022 report. (Ministry of Health)

Ago Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA, in English) has authorized the use of vaccines against COVID-19, and the scientific and medical community has confirmed that the drug did not prevent infection with the virus, but it reduced the chances of suffering from severe symptoms and death.

statistics Data Dynamics Gateway It is healthy that in the past 30 days, health has reported 170 deaths. Most of these deaths correspond to the age group of 80 years or older, followed by the group of 70 to 79 years.

Additionally, the average daily death toll from the virus, based on a seven-day period, is 3.

Overall, in the last 30 days: 49 deaths were reported among unvaccinated people, 57 deaths among vaccinated people, and 87 deaths in vaccinated people.

The average number of confirmed cases – in a seven-day period – was 695, while the number of probable cases was 2,056.

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