Be careful! Nasal spray recalled due to contamination | health

distance US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Found bacterial contamination in a nasal spray to reduce snoring, the drug company is conducting a voluntary recall of the product.

It’s SnoreStop NasoSpray that belongs to Green Pharmaceuticals, a California-based company. The presentation in question is in 0.3 ounce containers and the contaminant present is Providencia rettgeri.

Microorganisms do not present any inconvenience to healthy individuals, but they have harmful effects for all those with weakened immune systems. Among the reactions are fungal infections, pneumonia, and sepsis, among others, reported by the Food and Drug Administration.

“Use of the recalled product may result in infectious complications that are expected to be less severe and responsive to treatment,” the FDA said, referring to immunocompromised patients.

The refunded installment is 2373/21222. This number can be found on the bottom of the container and on the packaging. Anyone who has this product at home should stop using it.

To date, Green Pharmaceuticals has not received any reports of customers who experienced health complications from using their product.

For all who have any questions, the company has made available the phone number 805-388-0600 and the email address

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