Who are the beauty queens who got involved with drug smugglers and CJNG

Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known in the drug smuggling world as “El Mencho”, Many beauty queens were put in charge of criminal cells at the service of Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) as a money laundering strategy.

During the past yearsthe CNG chief has set out a strategy for integrating women with respect to areas of authority in order to run a seemingly legal business, But they are a front for illegal activities.

The Mexican authorities, after revealing this unusual situation, I carried out several operations to stop these beauty queens “The Mencho” And gradually demolish the empire that he built.

Maine de la Cruz is one of the well-known beauty queens in the world of drug smuggling He was crowned 2016 after winning a bikini competition at Caliente Casino in Tijuana.

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After winning this beauty pageant, Maine de la Cruz met Edgar Herrera Pardo, nicknamed “El Cayman” and they entered the world of drug trafficking with Cabo.which he later introduced to “El Mencho”.

Min began to get involved in the illegal activities of the Jalisco New Generation Gangan organization led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, until In 2019, she was arrested in an operation in San Luis Potosi.

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The couple were arrested for their direct relationship with CJNG and She was accused of several crimes against health in the way of drug smuggling.

Mexican authorities arrested Min de la Cruz in August 2019. (Free press photo: FGR Mexico)

Another beauty queen recruited by “El Mencho” was Joanna Rivera Sibson, winner of the 2004 Nuestra Beleza Jalisco Prize.

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The model was inside a criminal cell of CJNG and She was linked to the money laundering network run by Raul Flores, alias “El Tío”.

Joanna Rivera-Sibson has appeared in articles of incorporation for several companies used to launder money from the Jalisco New Generation CartelAccording to the Mexican authorities.

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