What is known about the plane carrying Venezuelan and Iranian crew members detained in Buenos Aires

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image source, Reuters


The plane has been in Argentina since June 6.

A Venezuelan-flagged plane carrying Venezuelan and Iranian crew has been stationary since last week at Ezeiza International Airport in Argentina at the center of a mysterious controversy that has sparked international interest.

It is a Boeing 747 of Venezuelan airline Emtrasur, which was seized by Argentine authorities on June 8 after being stranded due to a lack of fuel.

The plane had arrived in Buenos Aires on the 6th of the month and was due to fly to Montevideo two days later, but Uruguay refused access to its airspace, so she had to return to the Argentine airport, where she was detained.

The 14 Venezuelan crew and five Iranians who were traveling on the plane were housed in a hotel in the Argentine capital, and Iranians’ passports are withheld, while the justice system investigates A series of alleged wrongdoing has raised suspicion.

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