The Nine Key Witnesses in the Orlando Jorge Mira Case

The Public Prosecution Nine key witnesses intend to appear in court to establish the circumstances in which Fausto Miguel Cruz de la Mota (Carande) to assassinate the Minister of the Environment, Orlando Jorge Mira.

They are cooperating with the institution and a parish priest Who contacted the acknowledged killer before and after the tragic accident that occurred at noon on Monday, June 6 this year in the office of the deceased official.

Despite the progress of the investigations, the number of witnesses could increase, what appears in the preliminary list is the following:

Juan Manuel Cuervo Desangeles, serves as the national director for the environment and was the one Karandi claimed he “camped and had to be disbanded”. Cuervo Desangeles informed Jorge Mira’s office coordinator that Carandi went upstairs and asked her to contact security, due to the violent behavior of the accused.

will be another witness Carmen PeraltaMinister’s Office Coordinator. I searched for a security agent, Sergeant Major Nicholas Monteirowhen Carandai appeared to violence in the office.

Nicholas Monteiro will also testify. On the day of the event, Carandi was ordering him in an “arrogant” and defiant manner to leave the office of the Minister of the Environment, and did not leave the place until Minister Jorge Mera himself said: “Miguel is my friend, Miguel is my brother. “He is my brother, for what safety.”

Also present at that time was Jorge Mira’s assistant, Mrs. Erica Altagracia Herrera Reyes. His testimony will be used in court with environmental assistant Alfonso Mendoza.

Another essential certificate for researchers is the certificate Parish Priest Jose Arismendi de Leon Helena. This religious is a witness that Karandai came to the parish Jesus Christ, the supreme and eternal priest, after he fled from The Ministry of EnvironmentWhere Jorge Mera was killed.

This priest also gave the murder pistol and it was the place where the accused decided to turn himself in to the authorities.

They will also use the testimony of police officers Ariel Taveras, Nelson Martinez and Randy Flores, among others that may arise.

in Nagayo

Last Saturday, the National Provincial Supervision Department imposed pretrial detention on Krande, and sent him to Ngayo Prison.

Investigators have established that the truth shows a criminal act that exhibits typical behavior of a “cold and computer killer”.

They asserted that it was a planned crime, that the evidence shows that he was at loggerheads due to a refusal to grant a permit to Aurum Gavia, SA, under investigation, and that he requested an export of 5,000 tons. of used batteries.

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