The largest robbery in a port in Mexico: gunmen loot 20 containers | Univision Crime News

There were about twenty containers, some of which contained gold, silver, and electrical appliances Stolen from a private warehouse in the Mexican port of Manzanillo (West) In what will be the largest attack of its kind, local authorities said Monday.

The robbery occurred on June 5 and the criminal group responsible Use cranes, forklifts and other heavy vehicles for eight to ten hours to move containersGustavo Adrian Goya, a spokesman for security in the state of Colima (west), where Manzanillo is located, told the press.

“They had the logistics,” Joya said.

The Port of Manzanillo is Mexico’s main recipient for goods from Asia, especially from China.

For years, drug cartels operating in the area fought for control of the port to have a conduit through which synthetic drugs could be sent. So far, the authorities have not attributed the port robbery to any criminal group.

“Several containers were opened, however, the goods remained there. They were very selective In the type of stolen goods: precious metals and their accessories such as air conditioners.

The guards of the place, an area belonging to a private company where there is no interference from the customs authorities, have been subdued by The attackers – more than a dozen – carried long weapons.

Lopez Obrador’s government ignores the theft because it happened in a private warehouse

“It is unprecedented, no such situation has occurred, container theft has occurred intermittently, but not to the extent that it has occurred on this occasion,” Goya added.

The Colima Public Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation, but refused to give details of the quantities of what was stolen, which may be tons according to the media.

Due to the staggering nature of the assault, some have compared it to the robberies seen in fantasy series, such as Stealing money.

Although after learning of the theft there was criticism of President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, considering that his government militarized port security to combat organized crime, the authorities made it clear that the incident did not take place in the port but in a private warehouse.

Horacio Duarte Olivares, national head of customs, said the area where the theft took place does not fall under the responsibility of the Navy, which is responsible for monitoring the port.

“It is not a public place (…) We will wait for investigations to take place,” the official said in brief statements to the press outside the National Palace.

Joya also declared that the responsibility for the safety of the goods rests with the company that operates this warehouse. He stressed that “they did not have the infrastructure required for a place of this kind.”

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