Starting in August, a gender perspective will be taught in public schools

Minister of Education , Eliezer Ramos ParisOn Monday, he indicated that the curricula with a gender perspective will be a reality starting in August in public schools, but that it will not be fragmented, but rather will be integrated into each subject.

He indicated that they accepted all recommendations made by the Prevention, Support, Rescue and Education (PARE) Committee.

The PARE Committee works closely with the Undersecretary for Academic Affairs. We have introduced, in a cross-sectional way, which means that in all the subjects, the elements that allow a broad discussion of what social problems are, which is essentially what has been sought as a tool. Develop critical thinking in our students so that through discussion they can identify and eliminate these behaviors,” the official said during a press conference in Fortaleza.

But he stressed that it will not bear a name that identifies it in this way.

“The curriculum has no name. It was not a curriculum in and of itself.”

It will be part of the department’s overall syllabus. There will be no separate curriculum. That was the recommendation from day one of the PARE Committee itself.”abounded.

Last January, Ramos Paris revealed that he will implement in the public education system to address the issue of gender perspective that will be called the “Equality and Respect Curriculum for Human Beings”, contrary to what was expected.

On the other hand, to the conservative press questions Peter Pierluisi He stressed that before the end of June, he will announce what he will do with the executive order on the state of emergency on violence against women, which expires on the 30th of this month.

However, he acknowledged that the problem of violence against women was not over yet.

“Before this executive order expires, I will announce what we are going to do as of July 1. It is clear that the situation is ongoing. It is not the same here we can say that violence against women is over. On the contrary, it is continuing and we have to keep fighting against it”He said.

It recommended that NGOs that are part of the PARE system extend the executive order for an additional six months. But the governor is still waiting for the report from the PARE compliance officer, Eliana’s swordto make a decision.

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