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The National Assembly (Parliament) of Nicaraguaunder the control of the Sandinistas, He authorized the entry of troops, ships and aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces, today, Tuesday, At the urgent request of the President of the country, Daniel Ortega, to participate in anti-crime operations in the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean in Nicaragua.

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The entry of Russian troops, the country that maintains a war in Ukraine, By a vote of 78 lawmakers from the Sandinistas and their alliesout of the 91 deputies who make up the parliament.

The legislators also approved the entry of personnel, ships and aircraft from the armies of Cuba, the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Central American countries for a period of six months, starting next July.

During the debate, pro-government deputies denounced the alleged campaign by other countries and international media about the entry of Russian troops into Nicaragua.

The Chairman of the Committee on Defense and Security, Sandinista Filiberto Rodriguez, explained in the plenary that “the approval and ratification of the entry and exit of soldiers from the various countries with which Nicaragua has ‘diplomatic and military relations’.”

In this sense, he accused the US Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Brian Nichols, for criticizing the entry of the Russian army into Nicaragua.

“He doesn’t remember, doesn’t know, or doesn’t know that this is a tradition, and that the entry of US troops is also certified,” said Rodriguez, who dismissed that Nicaragua is a threat to regional security.

Nicaragua’s President, Daniel Ortega (center), is pictured with Nicaragua’s Police Commissioner, Ramon Avellán (right), along with a masked paramilitary group.


Photo: Courtesy Press

The intervening forces that (Russia) brought (into Nicaragua) are taxis, buses, and training for the national police.

For his part, Sandinista MP Valmaro Gutierrez accused the international press of promoting the campaign to enter the Russian army “with…With the aim of distorting and diverting the attention of national and international public opinion“.

He mentioned the television network CNN, the British BBC, the Spanish newspaper El País “and many other media that dedicated themselves to this dirty campaign”, which, according to him, “deliberately misrepresented the facts and lied. With the sole aim of creating discord and anxiety.”

Gutierrez, who supports the entry of soldiers from other countries, said that since 2007 they have approved 40 decrees of the same nature, and that “recently” this is being done “every six months”.

Russian operations

Ortega, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, allowed the entry of Russian forces during the second half of this year to participate in “unlawful” operations in the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans of Nicaragua, according to the decree.

In addition, 80 Russian soldiers were rotated to participate with the elite corps of the Nicaraguan army “in the exchange of experiences and training in humanitarian assistance operations.”

Likewise, the entry of another 50 Russian soldiers, alternately, to participate with personnel of the Navy, Air Force and Transport Corps “in the exchange of experience and practical communication with the ships and aircraft of the Nicaraguan Army in confrontation missions and the fight against drug trafficking and transnational organized crime.”

In total, the Sandinista leader allowed an unspecified number of Russian soldiers, ships and planes to enter Nicaragua From July 1 to December 31 of this year, who will participate, among other things, in the “Exchange of experience and training in security tasks.”

Forces from other countries

In the approved decree, Ortega also authorized for six months, starting next July, the entry of personnel, ships and aircraft of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces of Venezuela that will perform the same tasks as Russia.

It also allowed entry to soldiers from Cuba, Mexico and Central American countries. who will participate with those from Nicaragua in “Exchange and Action of a Human Nature”.

In the case of the US armed forces, the Sandinista leader authorized the entry of military personnel, an unspecified number, and that their entry would be “planned and coordinated in advance with the Nicaraguan Army”.

The day before, the President of Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chavez, had expressed concern about the arrival of Russian troops, ships and military aircraft in Nicaragua. Russia is a longtime ally of Nicaragua, which during the first Sandinista regime (1979-1990) supplied Soviet weapons to the Nicaraguan armed forces.


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