“He wept for her and for those who spend more work.”

Cuban Actress Yalin Sierra Rodriguez He publicly showed his solidarity with Amelia Calzadelaa young mother of three denounced the work she does to feed and clothe them, accusing Diaz-Canel and his ministers of living the luxury at the expense of the people.

Yailene, who also has children, shared a text on her Facebook wall in which she asserts that to meet their needs “you have to do magic.”

He said, “I support Amelia. In all my years of acting, I feel and see that this catharsis has come from the heart.”

Photo: Yailene Sierra/Facebook

The artist confirmed that she is from the people of the town, and that when she was a child, her mother had to sell her what she could eat, or buy her a pair of shoes or anything else.

“We sold eggs, soap, chewing gum, guava bars, onions and garlic that my Uncle Nene gave me to help me. This was so that I could have a snack during the art scholarship and not get too hungry during the special period,” he said.

Sierra added that her home is modest and unadorned.

“I wear nails, with money no one sends me and because I want to,” he said, referring to criticism he isFrom State Security to Amelia Calzadela for wearing acrylic nailsin an attempt to discredit her, accusing her of living an alleged luxury life.

“Amelia did not lie and I support her. Now I see people attacking her. Respect Amelia. She is the voice of the most humble of people. I shouted to her and to those who have more work. Not even with the highest salary here you can buy what you need every month.”

He concluded, “The abuse of Amelia also bothers me, as she had a mother who worked her whole life and did not get a decent retirement, as happens to most Cubans. She had the courage not to remain silent.”

Other Cuban artists showed their solidarity with the young mother who sang the 1940s to lead the dictatorship.

comedians Ulysses Tuirack and Boncó Quiñongo, and influential Yesi World, singers Leonie Torres, Yotwill and Alexandre Delgado praised the courage of their compatriot and emphasized that his words describe the true reality of the Cuban people.

“What a great pain it is to see how the fathers and mothers of my beloved Cuba continue to get through this. This girl who’s coming here is because she can’t stand it anymore!Leonie said.

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