Even criminology writers are mobilizing to write graffiti for “Patria y Vida” in Havana

a Writings “Home and Life” On Monday afternoon at a sports facility in Havana caused Mobilization of the forces of the Ministry of the Interior (Minent) In yet another example of the power of the phrase of the protest song that aroused Cubans throughout history Last July 11 protests in more than 50 cities and towns in Cuba.

“This is how Eladio Cid Stadium woke up today, it’s in Finlay, José Rubio, Los Pinos, Arroyo Naranjo, Havana,” Cubalex Legal Information Center posted on his Facebook profile.

According to Kobalex, “immediately”Dog Brigade, Police, Army and Sector Heads“.

In the photos shared by the human rights group A Whiteboard of the Operational Criminal Guard of the Minent.

Waste of resources for three words. These are the priorities of the Cuban government‘ lamented Kobalix.

While the daily life of Cubans is overshadowed by general shortages, the regime spares no effort or resources to erase the increasingly frequent anti-Castro posters that appear in visible points of cities and find those responsible.

“Down with Canel Sengao”, “Diaz-Canel Sengau”, “Down with the Dictatorship”, “Freedom for Political Prisoners” They were some of the most used phrases in the various graffiti that popped up in the past year after the 11J demonstrations.

The authorities even resorted to acts of disavowal to respond to some cartels, as was the case with the ones they set up before Graffiti against Miguel Diaz-Canel appeared in Serrano and Via Blancaa very crowded artery in Havana.

Another similar show was held in Habana del Este, one after another Protest expressions appeared on the wall of one of the offices of ETECSA, the state telecommunications monopoly. After that event, the government organized an event with the attendance of dozens of children from local schools, according to photos and videos circulated on Cuban social networking sites.

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