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Fears of a possible economic recession have grown worldwide. On this topic, according to specialized media, many companies reduced their employees or temporarily stopped hiring, a trend that Tesla did not exclude.

a few weeks ago, Elon Musk claimed he had a “very bad feeling” about the economy, so he decided to lay off 10% of his 100,000 employees worldwide. Stop joining new employees.

In fact, it was known that June 11, Tesla’s Singapore CEO, Christopher Bosseggs, has been fired.

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The billionaire does not shake hands with him to make decisions. It has already started layoffs at Tesla.

Tesla has announced a 10% workforce cut. My league has been chosen to remove it from today”, about the same Bousigues on his LinkedIn account.

The man, who traveled to Singapore last year to take up the position, thanked those who supported his work at Tesla and highlighted some of his accomplishments in the period.

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Last year the team and I built the business from the ground up…when something like this happens, one wonders what is the best course of action: to remain conservative or even silent about it. In the end, that’s not how it was built. Transparency and honesty are non-negotiable for me, so sharing this news seems like the right thing to do with my network.“, Wrote.

According to “Business Times”, Elon Musk won’t hire a new manager, but instead plans to have Tesla Hong Kong take charge of operations in Singapore.

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It is worth noting that Tesla shares fell 3% before trading in the United States, while shares listed in Frankfurt fell 3.6%, according to “Reuters”.

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