Delia Leticia Jorge: “This man tore a piece of my soul from me .. God forgive him”

Delia Leticia Jorge Mira, sister of the late Environment Minister Orlando Jorge Mira, asked at the hearing to request coercive action against Fausto Miguel CruzWho led his brother to death, may God forgive him and demand justice.

On Saturday, Delia Jorge painfully told Judge Rigoberto Sina Ferreras, of the Court of Permanent Interest in the National District, that “this is the most difficult situation she has had to live,” because Cruz took a piece of her soul.

“This man took a piece of my life from me and I say it with sadness, may God forgive him.”Hoot.

He emphasized that Cruz betrayed the official’s brothers, the friendship of his nephew, Representative Salvador Jorge Villegas, and his entire family, and reiterated the emphasis and focused heavily on “May God forgive him.”

God forgive him! And I hope, Judge, that justice will be served and the weight of the law will fall.”

confirmed it There will be no jail time or money to heal your painBut who trusts justice?

“Only God and the companionship of my family and my nephew, Champion, will help me and my daughters who fear for my life as I am the only one left of Jorge Mira. I really hope, Judge, that the full weight of the law will be applied.”

One year in prison

Sina Ferreras dictates One year in pretrial detention as a coercive measure against D’Cruz, who killed the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mira, with several shots last Monday.

He will be held in pretrial detention Ngayo – men.


Environment Minister, Orlando Jorge Mira, passed away Monday morning at the age of 55 After Cruz shoots him in his office.

Striker Miguel Cruz, 56, went and without prior registration of weapons, shot someone he had known for more than two decades.

Prosecutors investigating the murder indicate that Cruz went with the intention of killing him, having failed to do so Approval of environmental permits for the export of used batteries.

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