Customs will cooperate in case of container theft in the Port of Manzanillo: Horacio Duarte

Horacio Duarte OlivaresHead of the General Authority of Customs (AGA), reported that the federal unit will cooperate with security information after 20 containers were stolen in Manzanillo portColima, is committed to “a place where private buildings are”.

In an interview with foreign media National PalaceAfter meeting the president Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorThe head of customs indicated that an investigation would be opened to see if there were customs officials related to the case.

“We have a report that there, many of you know, that there was a theft in one of the stations, in private, not in public, and that this operation organized crime very big “.

“In the Customs Directorate there are officers or Persons under investigation He was asked: What do they announce in this case?

“No, at this time no customs official has been called to declare, we will wait and provide the authorities with what they ask of us. We have, for example, a lot of information every day about security, and everything necessary will be provided. “

“There are areas of controlled buildings that are not owned or managed by the government, and we hope that they will determine what happened,” he explained.

“Was there something wrong, an oversight, what was wrong with security?,” he was questioned.

“I don’t know, it corresponds – and you know it – with Navy Secretary Responsible for many activities that Manzanillo port “We will wait for the investigation,” he said.

And they insisted that the area where this theft occurred was not the responsibility of the government?

“No, it’s not a place, a public place, so to speak. We’ll wait for the investigations to be over,” he said.

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Announcing an increase in collection

On another topic, Horacio Duarte confirmed that the Mexican General Customs Agency has a total of 440 billion, which means eight points above what was expected with fight corruption and attend Armed forces.

According to our numbers and data, it will be a year that will increase all the problems related to foreign trade.

To this day we are talking about 440 billion Collection That according to the numbers, as of May, we’re almost 8 points above what we collected in 2021, which itself was a historic year in terms of collection, so we have a good outlook.

He was confident that throughout the year it was possible to maintain or increase operations foreign trade And “these are very good results.”

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