Cuban actor Erwin Fernandez received attacks for defending Amelia Calzadela

Cuban actor Erdoin Fernandez Collado has been attacked on social media after he came out in defense of Amelia Calzadela, the mother who exposed the misery of the Cuban people and unleashed a wave of solidarity in her favour.

The artist, who explained that he is not used to making this kind of complaint or exposing his attackers, shared details of the topic that bothers him for his defense of Calzadella.

“Let’s see, I’ve been giving my opinions on some sites on Facebook and not making a personal post about the video of that Cuban mother like so many others and that’s Amelia Calzadilla, because I respect her pioneering role in devotion and courage,” Fernandez said. Collado.

In the same way, he recognized the Cuban woman as “a mother with a big heart, courageous against everything, who does not speak of politics, and gives only her honest opinion about the economic situation in Cuba, which brings despair and anxiety., especially to Cuban mothers who suffer much more than that.” “.

Fernandez Collado asserts that she has seen “all kinds of assaults against her, but the most absurd, those referring to acrylic nails, a picture in a restaurant, amenities… as if the image of the Cuban out of commitment, ‘moral’ should be the image of an ‘Indian’ live.” In a cave and in an apron.”

According to him, these are “ridiculous opinions that only indicate desperation and ignorance.”

Fernandez Collado insists that he is not the one who prefers to expose those who “say, attack or threaten because I respect the private lives of others, because sometimes they are people who believe in that and also have difficulty, even if we do not agree. Because it is not my moral.”

However, he says he does not support opportunism. “If there is something I cannot stand, it is those who, from a ‘comfortable’ position and opportunistically defending their position, attack, humiliate and launch campaigns to discredit a Cuban woman and mother.”

However, on this occasion, he made an “exception” in the hope that he would not have to repeat this complaint, but made it clear that he believed it was necessary for people to know who was behind the man who was harassing him for his defense of Calzadilla.

This is so that “your friends, co-workers, and family know who you really are and have no doubt that on a personal level, because you want it that way, Divaldo,” he said.

This was not the only artist who came out in defense of Cubans. So did the Cuban comedian Ulysses Tuirac, who sent a message to the people of Cuba emphasizing that they are not the enemy.

To whom it may concern: Amelia Calzadela is not the enemy. “I’m saving her alive,” the comedian from Havana wrote on Friday afternoon, without saying anything else.

Among those who spoke was composer and instrumentalist Leonie Torres, who reciprocated Thursday to the Calzadella video.

“What a great pain to see how the parents of my beloved Cuba continue to get through this. This girl who is going to get here is because she can’t stand it anymore,” the popular and beloved artist wrote via her social networks.

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