Abenader: There is a transition to a government that does the right things, but “we are not all going at the same speed”

President Luis Abenader expressed that the country still needs to develop cA culture of transparency and honesty In the purchases of public entities.

During his participation in presentingGood Practice MonitorLaunched by the Ministry of Tourism that signed today, the president stressed the need for ‘transparency’.

We need a culture of transparency and honesty in this country. Addressing the attendees, the head of state said, “I must admit that we are in a period of transition towards a government that wants to do the right things, but we are not all moving at the same speed.”

Abinader’s comments come at a time when a complaint about alleged irregularities was filed with the General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency of the Republic (PROPEEP).

In addition, he pointed to the fact that he did not want transparency to be “a race where one goes after another but we are all running at the same time”.

He said they had advanced “a lot” on the subject, but he felt they should “move further”.

He specified that in order for there to be “a corrupt person, there must be a spoiler” within the transparent processes.

Good Practice Monitor

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, today announced the creation of a Good Practice Monitor for Operations Bidding for work to be developed by the Implementing Committee for Tourism Infrastructure (CEIZTUR), with the aim of ensuring compliance with Law No. 06-340 regarding purchases and rental of goods, services and works.

Collado stressed that this observatory is a reaffirmation of this government’s commitment to transparency.

“Since our arrival at the Ministry of Tourism, we have implemented President Abenader’s vision of transparent management and close to communities, and this observatory will integrate best practices into the bidding processes to select, ensure quality and optimal delivery times,” the expression.

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