“Venezuela’s Problems Have Left Venezuelans to Fix It”

(CNN Spanish) – Rodolfo Hernandez, who will face Gustavo Petro in the second round of the Colombian elections on Sunday, June 19, defended in an interview with “Oppenheimer Presta” the restoration of relations with Venezuela that he proposed and argued that the decisions made by the state should be “respected”.

“You don’t need to be friends” with President Nicolás Maduro in question, Hernandez said when asked in the interview, broadcast on CNN, to open relations with Venezuela, but he implied “mutual respect for political decisions.” En Espanol. “I have no reason to be involved in their political decisions, so they are not interfering here either,” he said, referring to current Colombian politics: “How are they going to close consular relations because some politicians do not agree, and it is the ordinary people who suffer from all the cruelty of the lack of services? Consulate of Colombia and Venezuela?

The candidate of the League of Anti-Corruption Governors insisted on his approach regarding the neighboring country: “I cannot participate in expressing an opinion on the political, economic and social life of a country so that they do not interfere here, the problems of Venezuela that I allowed the Venezuelans to fix (…) We have to solve the problems of the Colombians. Who are they? Allies? All those who don’t mess with us.”

When asked if he would recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, which the current president, Ivan Duque, has done, Hernandez replied: “I am not an expert in international politics. I am a civil engineer from the National University of Colombia, in Bogota. There will be people They know about this issue. There are a lot of people in Colombia who know about this issue, but I wouldn’t worry about recognizing governments that have already elected Venezuelans by their criteria.”

Do you think there was fraud in Venezuela? Faced with this question, Hernandez insisted on his approach: “They fix it there. That’s not the job of the president of Colombia.” “Unless there is a veto through an international organization that prevents this,” he said, something he doesn’t know so far has happened. Pietro, candidate for the historic charter, also suggests restoring diplomatic relations with Venezuela.

Petro and Hernandez under the magnifying glass of complaints and accusations 2:49

From references to Hitler to accusations of virility, Rodolfo Hernandez’s responses

As Hernandez mentioned during the interview to the episode in which he mentioned this in 2016 Liked by Adolf Hitler, something, he said later, was a “slip” because the person he wanted to mention was actually Albert Einstein. He said, “He who said he did not make a mistake, a mistake, a slip, well, I don’t know of what planet or of what race he is.” “I apologized, I gave the explanations, and I apologized to the Jewish people. But I am of flesh and blood, of flesh and bones. So I was wrong, and error is normal. And what is dangerous is to insist on error or on error.”

The presidential candidate has also faced accusations of machismo, for example after he said recently in an interview that “people don’t like women participating in government.” Hernandez made it clear that he was referring not to elected women but to the position of first lady, but do you think that would cost him the votes?

“They asked me if I would keep the position of first lady as it is designed today. To me this is harmful, because it brings sentiments to the public administration when the lady was not legitimately elected in the elections. She can cooperate on everything from home, from here in the company” .

Hernandez asserted that during his tenure as mayor in Bucaramanga, 60% of positions at the executive level were held by women and that he also maintains that percentage in his company, assertions that CNN could not independently verify.

Additionally, he said the accusations were without a “montage to discredit” his actions. “I don’t care about that, and I think the Colombians don’t,” he said.

“I sleep like a little Chinese, I didn’t steal a single peso”

Hernandez’s campaign focuses on fighting corruption and has mentioned measures such as eliminating the use of presidential planes, reducing the fleet of cars used by officials, closing embassies, and turning the presidential palace into a museum. Oppenheimer asked him if he thought this was a simplification and that it might not reduce poverty or solve corruption. “It could be compared to what politicians steal, these are handouts. What you say is true, but I must judge by example. There is nothing more effective than judging by example. Let’s start with this. To remove those luxuries that do not justify or improve the dignity of the poorest people,” he replied. candidate.

He says the focus, however, should be on public works contracting, as “everything is stolen” and his goal is to reduce direct and indirect costs by 30%.

Hernandez admitted in an interview with El Tiempo that he has 38 corruption investigations in Bucaramanga and at least one criminal charge. He stated on CNN that there could be 200 and he had 38 left because 162 were archived. “These Bucaramanga politicians, politicians, thieves, thieves, the goal was to get me out of the mayor’s office,” he said of the complaints, noting that “any Colombian Today, with the current legislation, I can file a criminal case for any case and the judge takes it and you have to appoint a proxy. Then ten years later you are found innocent but they offended you.”

“I sleep like a little Chinese kid, I didn’t steal a single peso,” he said.

‘Makes me laugh’: Trump’s Colombian nickname

Describing Hernandez as Colombian Donald Trump, or even Colombian Neb Bukele, he said of it: “It doesn’t bother me.” He said, “We will adhere to whatever is a democratic legal system. We will not attack anything written in law. On the contrary, (what) we will attack is poverty.”

“The Colombian Trump told me to do it, it’s cool, it makes me laugh. The Colombian Bukele, he makes me laugh. Although these world figures certainly did something that people loved and that was beneficial to every one of them, he emphasized that “the countries they were in, or if not Don’t, (don’t) have that (sic) global status.”

“I lost control two or three times”

Among the multiple controversies surrounding Hernandez, many relate to the way he speaks and quarrels that become physical, such as when he hit a council member when he was mayor of Bucaramanga. For his part, Petro recently tweeted that his opponent was “disrespectful, aggressive” and “semi-violent” with a journalist.

When asked about it, he replied, “I’m the most peaceful thing ever. I invite you to read or learn about their interview with my wife. He said ‘He’s pretending, and people think he’s brave and he’s meringue.'” His character.

“In 52 years, like every human, I have lost control two or three times. Now, Petro can’t find what to invent. He can’t find what to invent to win. Well, with these inventions he is so resoundingly lost. I am the most peaceful man, Let them find out here in Bucaramanga, what I do not allow myself to do is to beat the politicians,”

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