Ukraine confirms the expulsion of Russian forces from the Severodonetsk center in Lugansk

Today, Monday, the Ukrainian Armed Forces confirmed that Russian forces had taken control of the city center Severodonetsklocated in the Lugansk Territory (east) and the center of the fighting in recent days, in the framework of the war that broke out on February 24 by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army had indicated in a message on its account on the social networking site Facebook that “the enemy, with artillery support, carried out offensive operations in Severodonetsk, with partial success.” Thus he pointed out that Ukrainian units were “expelled” From the city center, despite the “continued hostilities”.

He stressed in this regard that the Russian forces “fired artillery at the positions of the defense forces in the settlements of Lyschansk, Severodonetsk and Toshkivka,” adding that “the occupying forces are concentrating their offensive operations on the surrounding forces in the Severodonetsk and Lizychansk regions and block the logistical routes from. Bakhmut.”

He stressed that “in the direction of Bakhmut, our soldiers succeeded in repelling offensive operations in the directions of Viktorivka-Vrobivka and Komyshevaga-Vrobivka. The enemy resumed its offensive operations near the village of Zoloti,” before adding that “in the direction of Sloviansk, the enemy resumed its offensive operations. The enemy units concentrated Its efforts to storm the settlements of Dolina and Borodation were in vain.”

He also noted that “the Russian enemy carried out offensive operations in the Ternov-Izpetsk direction, with partial success, having settled in the northern region”, while in the direction of Kharkov “Russian enemy units continue to focus their main efforts on positional defense. Preventing the advance of Ukrainian troops to the borders of the State of Ukraine “.

On the other hand, the General Staff of the Army of Ukraine estimated that “close to 32,300 “the number of Russian military dead in battle, including more than 150 over the past day, With reference to the destruction of 1,432 battle tanks, 718 artillery systems, 226 self-propelled missile launchers and multiple armored vehicles.

It also indicated the destruction of 213 aircraft, 178 helicopters, 97 anti-aircraft defense systems, 2460 vehicles and fuel tanks, thirteen boats and 585 drones, while 125 cruise missiles were shot down.

And he pointed out in his message that “the Russian enemy incurred the largest losses during the last day in the direction of Bakhmut,” before “the data was updated.” “Beat the occupier. Let’s win together. Our strength is in truth,” he settled.

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