They arrested the driver who ran over a pedestrian and continued walking with part of his body in his car in Rio Grande

The driver who allegedly ran over a pedestrian in the Rio Grande early Monday, and continued to walk with part of the dismembered corpse in his car, was arrested by agents police Office.

According to the initial police report, the fatal accident occurred around 2:30 a.m., when the driver of a blue Kia Rio was traveling on a PR-3 heading from Carolina to Rio Grande.

Assistant Director of the Transit Office, Elvis Zeno, explained that due to the collision, the pedestrian fell into the “dash” of the car. The driver continued the march to his residence, probably not realizing what had happened.

The driver was identified by the police as Julio Jimenez Rosario27 years.

He arrived at his residence in Rio Grande and parked his car. It was the man’s mother who noticed a dismembered body in the car.

Lieutenant Zeno noted that the torso was in part of the passenger seat and the legs were left at the scene. The driver had 0.19% alcohol in his system, more than double the 0.08% limit set by Puerto Rico’s Vehicle and Traffic Act.

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