Stronger ties with the US, pending immigration

in top of the americas Which saw absences due to exclusion and by decision, the Dominican Republic maintained a broad agenda focused on issues of security and investment and a balance of positive post-pandemic outcomes through which it strengthened relations with the United States, the host country of the meeting, with no signature on part of the final declaration and a diplomatic dispute with Haiti.

“We salute the participation of the Progressive Labor Party., @luisabinader, along with heads of state from various countries in the region in #IXCumbreDeLasAméricas, led by Pte. of the United States of America, Joe Biden and Vice President. of the United States of America, Kamala Harris, posted the US Embassy In the Dominican Republic on its official Twitter account last Friday, the day the Dominican President addressed the plenary session of the Summit, which was held in Los Angeles.

In his speech, Louis Abenader presented the achievements in the fight against drug trafficking, corruption, institutions and economic recovery after the most dangerous phase of the COVID-19 epidemic, but raised the need for support in the face of the crisis generated by the crisis. The war between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the repeated appeal of the international community to deal with the situation in Haiti.

very different messages

The Dominican Republic and Haiti disagreed on the issues that the two governments discussed in the framework of the summit, when the Haitian authorities announced that the Dominican Republic was in the process of regularizing the status of illegal immigrants. The Dominican government later clarified that “with regard to immigrants and workers: the Haitian government must make every effort to provide Haitian official documents to all immigrants and workers present in the Dominican Republic.”

“It is unjustifiable to me and to our government that this community of nations would allow a country, in the middle of the American continent, to be such a large part of its territory under the control of criminal gangs,” the president said at the plenum of the Ninth Committee. top of the americas.

In addition to Haiti, the Head of the Dominican State drew attention to the difficulties arising from the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in the region, urging “the adoption of supply measures that recognize that we are in a ‘war economy’ by easing restrictions, also seeking financing on concessional terms that allow us the middle countries to income in the face of this crisis.”

Ariel Henry, President Luis Abenader and Dominican Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez. (external source)

As a second concern, he cited the need for support with regard to the security of citizens in the countries of the Americas, in light of the reaction of criminal groups in combating the transport of illegal drugs to the United States.

No time to study the statement

The immigration It was one of the nervous subjects of top of the americaswhose migratory flows cause constant conflict, so their statement focused on this reality.

‘advertisement on immigration Protecting Los Angeles: The United States of America and Its Foreign Partners”, outlining the obligations on this issue, signed by the United States, Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay.

The Dominican Republic is excluded from this title. Reason: insufficient time to analyze the agreement.

This explanation was provided by Dominican President Luis Abenader, who, when answering journalists’ questions about the country’s absence from the declaration, said that he did not have time to discuss the matter with the National Council of the United Arab Emirates. immigration (CNM).

We signed all the other announcements, but we didn’t discuss the immigration In terms of details; Our case is very special. And then, since we did not discuss it, we neither consulted – nor – the National Council immigration– Because he did not give us time because it is a proposal that is only about 10 days old, so we have decided not to sign,” the president said.

According to the general law of immigration 285-04, the National Council for Women has the function of coordinating the institutions responsible for implementing the national policy of immigrationwith the additional task of advising the state on the matter.

The Council consists of the Ministries of Interior, Police, Foreign Affairs, Defense, Labour, Tourism, Public Works, Public Health, and Agriculture, in addition to the heads of the Central Electoral Council, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

The declaration signed in Los Angeles, according to the document published at the end of the summit, outlines actions related to immigration Regional based on four axes: stability and assistance to societies. expanding legal channels; human management immigration; and coordinated response to emergencies.

First lady meets

Raquel Arbagi almost participated in a high-level meeting with her counterparts from the United States, Brazil, Panama, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Suriname, organized by the Alliance of Heads of State Pairs and Representatives (ALMA) in Los Angeles, USA. Arbaje and First Ladies Jill Biden (USA), Michele Bolsonaro (Brazil), Yazmin Cortizo (Panama), Silvana Abdo (Paraguay), Maria Juliana (Colombia), Signe Zeicate (Costa Rica) and María de Lourdes Alcívar (Ecuador) and Lilia Paredes (Peru), Melisa Santokhi-Seenacherry (Suriname) and Fabiola Yáñez (Argentina), share experiences and socialize the iconic projects they develop in their countries.

The top shows the divisions

The United States tried to carry a message alone in top of the americas He defended his decision not to invite undemocratic countries: Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

However, underlying differences in the region were revealed: Colombia supported the host country while countries such as Argentina and Chile denounced the exclusion.

On Friday, on the last day of the summit, Colombian President Ivan Duque strongly denounced the Cuban, Nicaraguan and Venezuelan dictatorships and said they have no place in the Western Hemisphere Forum because they are not democratic countries.

The US decision not to invite Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua divided the region days before the meeting, separating countries like President Joe Biden from those that called for integration and unity.

The President of Mexico, Manuel Andres Lopez Obrador, was the first to announce that he would not attend the appointment due to exclusion, and the President of Bolivia decided to do the same soon after.

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