Russia and Ukraine: Evidence shows the indiscriminate use of cluster bombs by the Russian military


Distinctive markings from a cluster munition on the roof of a car next to a children’s playground in Kharkiv.

A new study by Amnesty International has revealed that Russia has killed hundreds of civilians in the northeastern city of Kharkiv using indiscriminate bombing and cluster munitions, which are widely banned weapons.

Amnesty said it had found evidence that Russian forces had repeatedly used it Cluster bombs 9N210 / 9N235, as well as “dispersible” munitions, which are missiles that eject smaller mines that subsequently explode at set intervals.

The BBC visited five sites in residential neighborhoods in Kharkiv and found evidence of a distinct disposal effect associated with cluster munitions. This method showed pictures of the sites of Three weapons expertswho said the strikes were consistent with controversial weapons.

“These cluster munition strikes, it’s a classic signature“And in one of the photos you can see the remnants of a stability fin from one of the submunitions,” said Mark Hesney, senior researcher in the armaments division of the non-profit organization Human Rights Watch.

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