Public Health has reported 918 cases of coronavirus and an increase in hospitalizations

The Ministry of Public Health has reported 918 new cases of COVID-19, after processing 7,457 tests in the past 24 hours. The data is contained in Epidemiological Bulletin No. 815, presented on Sunday.

The health authorities said that The daily positivity stands at 18.77%. And that over the past four weeks stands at 9.18%.

This report does not record deaths in the last few hours. Due to the disease so far there are a total of 4380 official deaths.

The number of discovered cases rose to 591,682, of which 3,147 are active cases.

Of the 7,457 samples processed, the Epidemiological Bulletin specifies that Only nine were from PCR and the rest were antigen.

Increasing hospital occupancy

Indications are that more people infected with the Corona virus enter hospitals and private medical centers every day, and on Sunday, the record number was 194 in Covid beds, with a rate of 8.2%; In the intensive care units there are 18 units compared to 3.1% and three patients are connected to a ventilator, which represents 0.6% of the devices used.

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