Mariotti accuses Lionel of being an ally of the People’s Revolutionary Party, and that he does not know how to lose and swear PLD

Santo Domingo, d.

General Secretary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), Charles Mariotti accused former president Lionel Fernandez on Sunday of dividing that political organization And you don’t know how to lose.

In his participation in the “Add the Stars” activity, in which 19,350 people from the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte, Mariotti I sworeHe noted that Fernandez is an ally of the PRM. Although he sometimes criticizes her.

“There was a former teammate who didn’t know how to lose, who didn’t know how to lose, who divided our party. He allied with PRM. He criticizes him occasionally but they are allies and they are a pair,” Mariotti said.

And in another matter, he indicated that those who take the oath together with the other fighters in that organization will work for themOr they have difficulty in the face of contempt and abandonment of government, in the midst of the country’s worst economic and social crisis.

“To those who took their support from the Progresando con Solidaridad, to the mothers and fathers of families who took their children’s long stay in schools, to the producers who were betrayed when this government opened the doors to a small group of importing friends leaving the Dominican countryside, we invite you all to participate in the consultation in October 16″.

He said that services such as the 911 system and Medicaid are practically “out of service” and that fuel and food prices are becoming “more expensive”.

Which is why in 2024 people will say yes to PLD and PRM and Luis Abinader will tell them to go out of business, Out of order, out of order…” Mariotti shouted.

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