Kill or be killed? The importance of the investigation into the Orlando Jorge Mira case

Santo Domingo, d.

After last Saturday, Judge Dagoberto Sina Ferreras imposed one-year pretrial detention on those accused of killing the environment minister, Orlando Jorge MiraNow forecasts will focus on what role investigations will play in the motive to commit a crime a week later, It still keeps Dominican society in shock.

New items that the Public Prosecutor’s Office can collect as of this week to prove that Jorge Mira’s childhood friend, Fausto Miguel Jesus Cruz de la Mota, He did not commit murder, he committed murderwill be decisive in the punishment to be imposed in an objective trial.

What influences a murder or homicide in the punishment to be imposed? Murder is punishable by a maximum of 30 years and murder by 20 years.

The Public Prosecution described it as a crime of murder, and Article 296 of the Penal Code defined it as “premeditated murder or stalking.”

And later, in Article 297, it states that “intentionality consists of the design formed before the action, to attack a person for a particular person, or against a person who is or exists, even when it depends on some circumstance or condition.

Regarding stalking, Article 298 stipulates that it “is to wait for more or less time, in one place or several places, for any individual to kill him, or to engage in acts of violence against him.” The status of the coercive measure request states:This fact was planned by the accused Cruz de la Motathat the same day he was wearing a dark blue jacket, which is unusual in this, for he was only wearing a shirt, but he chose his clothes strategically for his purposes in order to conceal the firearm he was carrying.



The Public Prosecution also considers that the defendant intended to escape from the authorities, which is what he said clarified by the three phone calls he made with his daughter asking her to pick him up from the place of residence. Parish of Jesus Christ, the supreme and eternal Priest, where he was arrested.


She details that Cruz de la Mota went to that church “with the intention of Take cover as you can help him escape, And not so with the aim of surrendering to the authorities.”


He adds, “His surrender was due to the fact that the killing took place on the spot and a large security apparatus was put in place.

The defendant did not speak at the coercion measure hearing, he knew, but his legal defense denied that the crime was murder.

Calling him a killer would not be the correct term, This was a murder, and that’s what we’ll discuss.”said attorney Manuel Sierra.

diligences procedural

Meanwhile, the Litigation Coordinator for the Specialized Public Prosecutor for Administrative Corruption (Pepca), Myrna Ortiz, and the District Attorney, Rosalba Ramos, reported that investigations will continue and the investigations are in very advanced stages.

After the Court of Perpetual Attention, Ortiz stressed: “We have faith that all the elements will come together, since this is more truth than has been proven from the coercive measure itself, justice will work in the right way, and corresponding penalties will be imposed.” The National District sent Cruz de la Mota to the Nagayo Correctional and Rehabilitation Center, to spend a year on remand.

In the same scenario, Prosecutor Rosalpa Ramos And announced that this week they will take the relevant measures, In order to submit the corresponding final works.

After the coercive measure, the next stage is the preliminary hearing, at which the examining court decides whether or not to send him to a substantive trial, and finally, the stage at which a class court examines the degree of responsibility and the penalty to be imposed. .

Although they announced that investigations would be conducted by the criminal jurisdiction of the National District, the fact that the Pepca litigation district was involved is an indication that it will not be limited to the crime itself, but also to the area of ​​corruption.

Namely, the Public Prosecution indicated that the accused with the death of the Minister of the Environment was in a state of contention due to the refusal to grant a permit to Aurum Gavia, SA, which is under investigation, since it requested permission to export 5,000 tons of used batteries.

Evidence shows that the accused was trying to be Multiple permissions will be granted But he angrily complained that they did not solve anything for him,” specifies the accused in a request for coercive action.

Despite the fact that in a statement made on the same day of the event, the family spoke of pardoning the person responsible for the event, because Orlando Jorge Mira was a person who had no grudge, he represented a lawyer in the case. The deceased’s sister, Delcia Jorge Mera, and his son Orlando Jorge Villegas, were present at the involuntary measure hearing, demonstrating their interest in seeing the law of justice and punishing the person responsible for the death of their relative for the harm he had caused.

Before the hearing, his lawyer Miguel Valerio said that the family of Jorge Mera are most interested in clarifying why he killed Cruz de la Mota, But he warned that they would not allow their image to be affected.

He argued that they only see reality, and that it was a dangerous and horrific event. What is direct now is waiting for the outcome of the Public Prosecution’s investigations and the course of the criminal procedures followed by the accused of killing the leader of the Modern Revolution Party on Monday, June 6th, in his office in Cairo. The Ministry of Environment.

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