Gasoline costs $5 per gallon in the United States

gallon price gasoline The volume (3.78 liters) in the United States hit five dollars this Saturday, an unprecedented record and occurs when the country experiences the highest rate of inflation in forty years.

As published this Saturday by the AAA Automobile Associations, the average gallon of fuel at gas stations nationwide hit $5,004 this Saturday, something that hasn’t happened before.

AAA analysts also expect that the price of gasoline Keep climbing during the summer months.

A year ago, in June 2021, the average price per gallon was gasoline (The measure US gas stations use, rather than the liter) was $3.07, about two dollars less than the current price.

In 20 of the 50 US states, prices are more than five dollars a gallon, especially on the country’s west coast.

Yesterday it became known that inflation in the United States jumped in May to its highest rate in the past 40 years, 8.6 percent, a new escalation in consumer prices that was driven above all by the sharp increase in energy prices.

The monthly increase in consumer prices between March and April was 1 percent.

Data released on Friday by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics was higher than analysts had expected and ended the April truce when the rate posted its first decline in seven months.

The new escalation makes the already expected new half-point hike in interest rates by the Federal Reserve (Fed), which meets next week, more likely.

The historical rise in consumer prices has been driven above all by rising energy prices and also, albeit to a lesser extent, by rising housing and food prices.

energy prices (gasolinecrude oil, electricity and gas) increased 34.6 percent in the past twelve months, driven by the price of crude oil, which rose 106.7 percent, the largest annual increase recorded by this statistic since it began to be compiled in 1935.

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