Black Monday in stock and exchange rate

The major stock markets in the United States are witnessing Black Monday with a clear decline in the Nasdaq with a decline of 4.03 percent, the Dow Jones 2.54 percent and the Standard & Poor’s 500 by 3.40 percent, while the exchange rate settled at 20.47 pesos per dollar in forex. Market.

Black Monday also hit the cryptocurrency with notable drops in Bitcoin, which is still worth $24,000, from just $60,000 a few weeks ago, according to the Market Council.

Experts such as Eddie Ghabbour, co-owner of Key Advisors Group LLC, have warned that markets are “nowhere near the bottom” and said investors need to take the risk of a recession “seriously” as inflation hits a new high in 40 years. .

In other words, the upcoming declines will be more visible and the complete end of the stock market and investment is not in sight.

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