Ariel Henry: ‘I have a feeling’ that the Moyes assassins are free

Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry said on Monday he had an “unpleasant feeling” that the people behind the assassination of that country’s president, Jovenel Moise, were still free and walking in the streets.

The President of the Republic who appointed me Prime Minister was horribly assassinated the day after my appointment. I have a bad feeling that those who created and funded this horrific plan are still running the streets The Haitian Prime Minister wrote on Twitter.

These Henry statements were made less than a month before the first anniversary of the aforementioned Assassinationcommitted on July 7 last year, a case that has taken several turns since it became public.

The last of these was appointment Judge Walther Weser Voltaire is the head of the murder investigation, and is the fifth investigative judge responsible for this act.

The last director, Merlan Belaber, Resigned for personal reasons less than a week after appointment.

Likewise, many judges have deplored that the conditions for hearing the case are not ideal, with weak judicial structures, pressure and threats of all kinds and difficulty in extraditing the main defendants intellectually and materially with the crime.


At the beginning of May this year, the former Haitian senator John Joel Joseph He appeared before a judge in Miami, USA, after he was extradited from Jamaica to answer his alleged involvement in the Moyes assassination.

With this former lawmaker, three suspects involved in the murder are in the hands of US Justice.

The other two are Rudolf Jarrea national of Haitian nationalized from Chile who was arrested last January in the Dominican Republic and traveled to Miami of his own volition, Former Colombian soldier Mario Antonio Palacioswho also came to the United States voluntarily after being detained in an air layover in Panama.

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