What is the ideal time to have breakfast if you want to lose weight?

Schedule breakfast It may be the key to losing weight and staying healthy, according to Tim Spector, professor of epidemiology Genetics At Imperial College London.

expert British He explained that since most people now tend to eat dinner later in the evening, the first big meal the next day should be put off until 11am. The teacher gave a lecture in Cheltenham Science Festival, UKWhere he talked about the benefits of this practice.

according to SpectorNowadays it is customary to have dinner much later than previous generations, and eating is usually finished around nine o’clock at night (unusual until then for British custom). For this reason, “Iftar at 11 am is the only way to achieve 14 hours of fasting,” which is a habit of eating, according to the expert, more healthy for metabolism and weight loss, because following the strategy for a few months can help people lose between 2 and 5 kilograms.

This perfect time to lose weight can “move on” and get closer to midday (and turn breakfast into breakfast). lunch) in those countries where dinner usually ends at 10 at night, as in many Latin American countries.

“I think we have to rethink all the things we’ve been told are unhealthy, because there’s a lot of new science emerging. There are still people, particularly in northern England, who eat early, but in general we’ve moved towards continental eating habits. and later eat like people in Spain and Italy.”details a genetics expert for The Telegraph.

A simple change in habits can make the difference in maintaining a healthy weight or losing a few extra pounds: “There is a simple change people can make by changing breakfast from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m., and it’s actually more effective than a fasting diet. The latest is like 5:2,” Spector noted. The 5:2 diet, popular in the UK, involves eating normally for five days and then severely restricting calories for two days.

“Fasting for 14 hours a day and eating breakfast later, but eating the same amount is easy to achieve in the long run. It works because the microbes in our gut have a circadian rhythm just like us and need a break.”

“How scientificIn recent years, I’ve focused all my energies on researching the microbiome, the large community of microbes that live in our gut, skin, and body. Although the research is new and ongoing, we already know that these organisms play a very important role in our health and in current epidemics such as obesity, diabetes, allergies, and even depression,” the expert said in the presentation of his latest book, El Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat.

Scientist Imperial University of London He studied for years the Hadza tribe of modern hunters who live in Tanzania, Africa. This community does not suffer from obesity or type 2 diabetes. Among their different customs from modern city dwellers, the tribe does not eat early breakfast and its people tend to start eating between 10:30 or 11 every day.

During his speaking, Spector distinguished himself away from the ancient tradition between Nutrition experts And tell the audience that the advice to start the day with a yes or a yes with . can be ignored breakfast. In his book Spoon-Fed: Why Almost Everything We’re Told About Food Is Wrong, the expert said: “Eating breakfast makes some people fat.” “We know from our studies that everyone is different, and some people respond differently to high-carb and high-fat breakfasts, so it’s important to understand that as well.”

ZOE application that was used to help track Corona virus disease, is a company that Spector co-founded with other partners. Currently, in addition to monitoring coronavirus cases, it is also offering to test their blood sugar, lipids, and gut bacteria after they eat a serving of carbohydrates, so they can understand how certain foods affect them.

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