The price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States exceeded 5 dollars for the first time in history

New York – Average price per gallon (3.7854 liters) from gasoline In the United States it exceeded 5 dollars for the first time in history.

The AAA Auto Club noted that the average price per gallon on Saturday was $5.00. Drivers in some parts of the country, especially California, pay a higher price.

The national average rose 19 cents last week and is $1.93 from the same period last year.

The rise is driven by several reasons.

Americans tend to drive more since the Memorial Day holiday, so the demand is increasing. Oil prices are rising around the world, and exacerbated by the sanctions imposed on them Russia – One of the main producers – as a result of its war in Ukraine. In addition, refining capacity in the United States is limited due to the closure of some centers during the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19.

With all this said, the cost of filling the deposit will be higher for Americans, who are facing the highest inflation rate in the last 40 years.

California has the highest average price, $6.43, according to AAA. The cheapest fuel is in Mississippi, averaging $4.52.

Although it is the first time that the $5 barrier has been crossed, it will not be a record price if inflation is taken into account. Gasoline was $4.11 a gallon in July 2008, which would be about $5.40 today.

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