strained relationships? The Dominican Republic was deprived of Haiti twice in one year

Santo Domingo, d.

The Dominican Republic, after Luis Abenader assumed the presidency, should have denied it The weakness of the statements issued by the Haitian authorities, After a bilateral meeting between the two countries.

In May 2021, Abenader and Jovenel Moise met in Ecuador, the country they had traveled to for Guillermo Laso’s opening ceremony. After this meeting, the President of Haiti stated that the two leaders talked about building the dam on the River Massacre. (action which led to the rejection and non-conformity of the Dominican part) and they decided in addition, “Don’t get caught up in the games of the Dominican and Haitian ultra-nationalists.”

I had in-depth conversations on topics of common interest. We agreed not to get caught up in the game of Dominican and Haitian ultra-nationalists and continue to work for the benefit of both peoples,” Moyes wrote on his Twitter account.

Given this, Dominican Foreign Minister, Roberto AlvarezHe indicated that regarding the construction of the dam, President Abenader made it clear that the situation is in the hands of the two countries’ foreign ministries.

Alvarez replied: “President Abenader spoke with his counterpart, Haitian President Moise, in Ecuador, and with regard to the question of the Dagabon River, he only told him that this matter was in the hands of the foreign ministries of the two countries.” Comment posted by Moses.

After the murder of Jovenel Moise, on July 7, 2021, the main authorities of the Dominican Republic and Haiti did not meet. The issues agreed upon before that date are still forgotten.

Summit of the Americas allowed Louis Abenader and Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henri had a meeting, After that, they made statements that the Dominican side denied, but without giving further details of what was discussed there.

On June 9, Abenader and Ariel Henry met at the hotel where the Dominican president was staying. A day later, the Haitian authorities issued a statement saying this at the bilateral meeting Agrees to regularize the status of Haitian immigrants and workers in the Dominican Republicproviding them with identity documents and revitalizing the Haitian-Dominican Mixed Commission.”

Likewise, it was reported that Louis Abenader had agreed to a proposal to support the former Minister of Public Health, Florence Guillaume Duberval, for the position of Director-General of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Hours later, the Presidency of the Dominican Republic denied what was said there, confirming the following: “The Haitian government must make every effort to provide Haitian official documents to all immigrants and workers in the Dominican Republic.”

Likewise, regarding the candidacy for the PAHO, he said that he could not specify any support, because the government of Panama also had a candidate.

Binational agreements

What appeared in January 2021 as progress in relations between the Dominican Republic and Haiti, with agreements to build infrastructure and implement a civil registry, may I got into a predicament exacerbated by the crisis and insecurity in which the Haitian people found themselves.

construction of public hospitals in Haiti, maritime delimitation, cooperation in the areas of energy, agricultural and industrial production, among other agreements, She did not progress while Jovenel Moyes was alive and now fell into oblivion.

Likewise, isThe Ministers of the Environment of Haiti and the Dominican Republic in January 2021 The two sides signed an agreement to develop joint plans and procedures in order to preserve the natural resources of the two countries and combat the negative effects of climate change.

This agreement has not progressed either.

What has remained constant are statements by the Haitian authorities, which the Dominicans sometimes reject.

Such is the case of the Dominican Minister of the Interior and Police, Jesus Vazquez, and the former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Haiti, Claude Joseph. The latter noted that the Dominican Republic is experiencing an “increase in crime,” as the US Department of State noted in its travel alerts.

This dismayed Vásquez, who said Joseph’s remarks were “reckless and unwise because the Dominican reality is very different from the reality of the neighboring country.”

Although he no longer holds this position, Claude Joseph has been active on his Twitter account in condemning the behavior of the Dominican Republic, With Haitians, either by showing how immigration agents are treated For a national of that country or before statements made by President Luis Abenader.

“President Abenader cannot stop using Haiti as a pawn to advance his political agenda. This is a man who does not live up to his promise domestically on many issues, but he believes he can use Haiti as a last resort to subdue ultra-nationalists at home in order to win votes. His hypocrisy,” he said this Saturday.

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