Police: Employer killed in Ponce by ex-employee who fired him two months ago

The policeman This afternoon identified themselves as the employer and former employee of the two men who were shot this morning at the work of the Dancers Club, which is located on Highway 132, in pimp.

boss Criminal Investigation Authority (CIC) in that area, Daniel Justinianexplained to new day That events occurred when Jose Rodriguez Garaya 34-year-old resident of Ponce, arrived at the local office and was shot several times Charlie Francis Wallace Cigarafrom 59.

“What happened there is that the employer (Wallace Segara), about two months ago, kicked an employee (Rodriguez Garay) out of the building and the employee got in there with the purpose of revenge and killed him.”Captain selected by phone.

The incident took place in the presence of the company’s security guard, who was attacked by Rodriguez Garay.

however, The security guard allegedly repelled the attack with a firearm and killed the attacker. The victim was taken to the hospital, and his condition was described as stable.

Regarding the attacker’s motives for committing the acts, Justiniano replied that, except for the fact that he was expelled, it is not known what other circumstances surrounding the case.

“Obviously, who can tell us if there is another quarrel between them is the owner who has died. What we do know is what the research reflects so far. So we will continue to investigate as we look for security cameras and interview people and relatives… The investigation continues as if the case had not been clarified. Everything must be well justified before the case is closed‘ said the officer.

He confirmed that the incident took place around 4:13 am and that there were more people in the building at the time of the exchange of fire.

However, at the moment they do not have suspicious persons or any detainees.

He indicated earlier this morning that four firearms were seized, but the number rose to five.

The three people involved in the accident had a gun license. You should check if there has been any recent event or if the guns are legal. “We will deal with that now,” he said.

When asked if Wallace Segara and Rodriguez Garay have a criminal record, Justiniano replied that they don’t.

The Homicide Division was responsible for investigating the events with Prosecutor Limari Kobyan.

They recorded the murders in San Juan and Trujillo Alto

Police said the events in Ponce added to two other murders that were recorded in separate events in Cupey, San Juan and Trujillo Alto.

The violent death was reported in Cupey on De Diego Avenue, Conductor C Junction, at approximately 3:21 a.m.

Through the “ShotSpotter” system, police officers learned of a suspicious situation at the scene, so they arrived at the scene.

Once at the scene, officers found the body of a man on the sidewalk. The body was hit by several bullets. The deceased had not been identified at the time of this publication, but was described as light-skinned, five feet ten inches tall, weighing 160 pounds, straight black hair, and wearing a gray long-sleeved shirt with jeans. Also, he has a tattoo on his back.

Meanwhile, a fourth violent death was recorded at around 4:55 a.m. on Highway 175 in Trujillo Alto.

According to the initial report, The officers were on a protective patrol in the area when they noticed the body of a man lying on the sidewalk.

The body of the deceased, which has not been identified, had several gunshot wounds.

As of midnight yesterday, the number of homicides reported so far this year was 262, only one time lower than the same date last year, according to police.

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