PLD: “Whoever wins in October will be the next president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo”

The Secretary-General of the Dominican Liberation Party, Charlie Mariotti, stated that whoever wins the consultation process that will take place next October, where they will choose Most Supportive Presidential Candidate He will become the next president of the republic.

“Look, we’re the party that’s going to Consultation to select the applicant or the applicant and we will do so with each of the electors in the public registry held by the Central Electoral Council (JCE)This is democracy. Through this process of consultation, comrades and comrades will come out who will be the President of the Republic in 2024, that no one had the slightest doubt about that.”the former Senator for Monte Plata County.

Mariotti, who was responsible for delivering the political speech during this Sunday’s swearing-in ceremony at the Sabana Perdida Sports Center, He argued that services like 911 . system And drug assistance is almost “off service” and that fuel and prices Food is becoming ‘more expensive’.

“And that is why in 2024 people will say yes to PLD, PRM, and Luis Abinader will tell you out of business hours, Out of order, out of order…” Mariotti shouted.

Describes Lionel as a ‘bad loser’

“There was a former colleague who did not know how to lose and divide our party; they allied themselves with the government and Criticizes him fondly but they are allies, They are like double-edged… Together they celebrate our defeat but In 2024, people will cause huge lossesThe Secretary-General of the Democratic Liberation Party said in his speech.

In this expression, Mariotti alludes to the situation that arose in October 2019When the former president Lionel Fernandez He decided to leave the former ruling party and called the initial process in which he lost the presidential nomination to former Minister of Public Works and Communications Gonzalo Castillo a “fraud”.

Since then, many leaders have migrated to the Fuerza del Pueblo party and because of this situation Mariotti called on leaders to “not get confused”.

“I don’t know how to confuse here is our party, Let’s go to work…that they will be clear in our consultation who won, who won and who lost, but the Dominican Liberation Party will win.”

winds of victory

And although he made it clear that he would use his speech to “send a message” and not give “political words”, former President Danilo Medina noted that during the swearing-in there was an “atmosphere of victory”.

“Here what You feel the atmosphere of victory, I’ve been to Santo Domingo Norte many times and I’ve never felt this energy before.”

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