Nicaragua unveils treasure of immense value to Baroque goldsmith Valadier

In Nicaragua, Leon Cathedral stands out as a treasure of immeasurable value by the distinguished Italian jeweler Luigi Valadier. These are 25 works of sacred Baroque art from the 18th century, which have been used daily in the liturgy of this cathedral for nearly 300 years, and their enormous value is unknown.

Socrates Rene Sandigo, Bishop of the Diocese of Lyon explains: “These works that we have in our cathedral from 1767 to 1768, were made by the most famous Italian artist of the time, and are unique in America.”

Treasure that was used daily

“It is an amazing find, in terms of its artistic, historical and spiritual value, there are about 25 works by Valadier, all created for the cathedral of León, here in Nicaragua. No other church in the world has so many Valadier pieces. And as far as we know, this is the only mission I got. Artist in America,” says Xavier Salomon, deputy director of Frick Group in New York.

Sacred art that lost track

The works, believed to have been lost in colonial times in Mexico, are of exceptional value.

says Elyar Alonso, vicar of Lyon Cathedral Church.

Luigi Valadier was the world’s most important goldsmithing artist of his time. According to experts, Leon Cathedral could house one of Nicaragua’s greatest art treasures.

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