Maria Fernanda Caballe on the Historical Pact

Senator Maria Fernanda Caballe, via her personal account on Twitter, referred this Saturday to the announcement by the senator of the historic charter, Roy Barreras, as well as the announcement of the former government official of former President Juan Manuel Santos, Juan Fernando Cristo.

Senator Roy Barreras made the decision on Saturday, June 11, to distance himself from the historic charter campaign by saying that His active stay could be used to launch attacks in the midst of an electoral contest that will be decided in a second presidential run on June 19.

His decision will come in a few days week It will reveal some records where members of the historical charter; Among them, the aforementioned senator discussed a dirty war plan to influence Federico Gutierrez before the first presidential round, who at the time was second in the polls and was trampling on Gustavo Petro’s soles in voting intentions. The plan was also intended to influence other candidates.

“To the media who kindly offered me their spaces, thank you, but I am completely isolating myself in the last days of the campaign so as not to continue using it as an attack against petrogustavo, a kind and transparent man who will rule Colombia for good,” Barreras said.

In the midst of the uproar caused by Petrofus and after Roy’s decision; This Saturday, the political position of the former Minister of the Interior was also known Juan Fernando Cristo, who indicated through his personal account on Twitter that Petro has, in his understanding, become the best option for the country.

“The members of En Marcha (SomosEnMarcha) will vote in good conscience on June 19. Those of us who sign this declaration will do so for Gustavo Petro. It is the best choice to consolidate change in Colombia, advance in La Paz and defend the rights of victims‘” says Christ’s publication.

So Senator Caballe states that the historical pact brought about a change between Roy and Christ, and even points out that this decision is similar to that of Judas reincarnated as saints, Referring to former President of the Nation Juan Manuel Santos.

“The Hysterical Pact had a great renewal: Rui Barreras left and Juan Fernando Cristo came in. It’s as if Judas has reincarnated as Santos,” Cabal replied on his Twitter account.

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