Karina Neves has an advantage in electing the mayor of Aguas Buenas, but there will be a recount

By 58 votes, Karina Neves Cyranoa candidate approved by the governor Peter Pierluisi, was the tentative winner in the special election for the mayor of Aguas Buenas held on Sunday; closely followed by Carlos “Junior” Aponte.

The close difference between the candidates indicates a recount of votes that will begin tomorrow, Monday, 8:30 a.m. at the State Electoral Commission (CEE), the New Progressive Party Elections Commissioner announced, Vanessa Santo DomingoIn front of the permanent registration council, where the votes were counted.

Nevis Serrano initially received 1,126 votes. Meanwhile, Aponte, also nicknamed Cedreta, received 1,068 votesThe NPP agent reported, Gabriel Rodriguez Aguilo.

Miguel Rodriguez Cruz received 365 votes, Efraín “Tonito” Ocasio 144, and Rosa Vasquez received six.

60 manually-added votes have yet to be awarded, plus 13 inmates who cast their votes on Friday.

The results will be official when certified by the EEC.

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