Editrudis Beltrán or Jorge Asjana: UASD will decide on Wednesday who will be its new chief

At eight o’clock this morning, about 3,215 voters will have the right to choose 108 elected positions at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) that include the university’s president, four vice deans, nine deans, nine vice deans, and 51 principals and vice principals.

The main contenders for the state university presidency are Editrudis Beltrán and Jorge Asjana. Both have received support and have explained their proposals throughout the election campaign.

An interesting fact is that It seems that the two candidates split intent Voting within the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM).

Editoride Beltran

Editrudis based his proposals on the fact that once he became dean he would serve in it Improving the quality of life for faculty and staff of the First American University, in addition to the fact that it has on several occasions expressed that one of its main objectives is to manage Housing projects at low interest rates for these scholars to acquire.

The teacher has also included his own management plan Create Benefit Programs Of those people who do not pursue formal careers at UASD, as in Extracurricular courses.

In one of his campaign letters, Beltran considered that the resources which are allocated to the Academy each year, through the general state budget, will never be sufficient until they are given the 5% which has been allotted by law (57-78) to him.

the support

The assumption of many is that Editrudis has support highest executive branch Since her son Elaine Beltran held the position Assistant to the President Louis Abenader.

Within the university, groups and teachers who support them operate through the Triunfo University movement, which includes the Guido Gil union movement and the Duartian student group.

He also has the support of the former president of the Federation of Teachers’ Associations of UASD (Faprouasd), Ismael Peralta, who was accompanied by dozens of teachers.

Final Campaign

Editrudis will be her closing campaign in Ten o’clock today in the Aula Magna arena of the American College of Students.

George Ashgana

For its part, Asjana has focused its initiatives on continuing the UASD project Every day is more academic and continue to connect with the community So that it continues to be the engine of thought and development in the Dominican Republic.

The candidate for university president has stated that one of the proposals he must implement is that the primates of America Become a sports scout Some of the specializations that are being worked on at the student level at the university.

Who supports it?

Asjana had the support of the former President of the Republic, Hipólito Mejia; who also belongs to the ruling party; Additionally, she has received support from the current UASD Rector, Emma Polanco.

Neurosurgeon, Dr. José Joaquín Buelo Herrera, has also publicly expressed his support for Asjana.


His campaign will be closed next Monday at the UASD campus.

Other data

Voting will open at 8:00 AM and end at 8:00 PM; Polling stations will be located in the central headquarters of the Union of Central American States and in the four provinces located in Santiago, San Francisco de Macoris, San Juan and Barahona.

Of the 3,215 people able to vote there are 2,980 professors and 59 assistant professors, representing five percent of the 146 students; Similarly, there are 30 people who are able to cast votes for UASD employees.

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