Díaz Canel Mango and Liz Cuesta are the owner: The First Lady of Cuba is making history on Twitter

The first lady of Cuba, once again, sets precedents in social networks. Liz Cuesta now says she’s “the owner of the mango,” referring to Miguel Diaz-Caneland resorting to a popular expression that qualifies attractive people in the name of that fruit.

Cuesta shared a meme with a picture of the Cuban ruler and a text that reads: “The mango that missed the top of the Americas”referring to the exclusion of Havana from the Western Hemisphere event.

Looking at this, a tweeter responding to Kacha’s name, captioned the first lady with the comment: “See how they complement your mango!!”. Liz Cuesta replied, “Yes, Catchy, I swear I’m not the author of the poster but the owner of the mango.”

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“While this lady, a member of the political oligarchy that oppresses the nation, propagates these follies, Cuban mothers demand food for their children.”Cuban Magdal Jorge Castro questioned in the publishing forum.

The tweet sparked dozens of reactions of irritation, insult and criticism of Costa in less than an hourcoordinator of events at the Ministry of Culture, who at the end of May aroused a large number of criticisms when she claimed in her profile on the social network that her heart was “like a mop” due to the severe interruptions that affected the whole country these days.

This week too His appearance in a video series recorded in 2018, where part of the regime’s leadership enjoys a private party In a specific tourist center in Havana, Expose the privileges enjoyed by members of the power core to the regime while asking Cubans for sacrifices and blaming all the country’s ills for the US embargo.

The impersonation of Liz Cuesta, who, while enjoying such privileges, tries on Twitter to portray herself as someone close to ordinary people, who even use their own language, is unbearable for many, who consider her a mockery of Cubans.

Cuesta has praised Diaz-Canel in previous tweets, and tested Cubans’ patience by calling him “the dictator of their hearts.”, which many describe as an example of irony. Since her first appearance on Twitter, her messages have made her the subject of countless angry memes and comments, to which she often responds with sarcasm.

At the end of May, Casa de las America editor Katia Gutierrez commented on her Facebook wall on a tweet by the president’s wife with these words: “This person, this woman, is very disrespectful. This is a fact confirmed by his repetition, his insistence on the same position and his arrogance in not changing And not being silent shows that, and it all starts with a lack of culture.”

“I speak of a cultural background that allows him to respond to the cynicism and mockery that characterizes us and with which we face the many and violent ordeals we suffer. He clearly does not like our answers, which range from the highest to the “lowest”, as befits any country. And he turns to the popular record that he doesn’t control, and worse, he despises. The result is those unfortunate paragraphs laden with this contempt that tries to hide and above all stupidity, irrationality, cynicism, ignorance and again a lack of culture.”

“These tweets should not be done out of confrontation and innuendo or ‘puyita,’ but with a sincere commitment to others rather than self-discipline. It is very unfortunate that this person falls under the slightest representation of all of us.”is over.

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